Technical data of Cutlon®

Find out why it´s so exceptionally good

Extreme protection
combined with comfort

The magic of Cutlon® comes from the special mixture of polyethylene and elastane fibers. It has extreme durability and strength and excellent blade cut resistance. This unique mixture of fibers doesn’t absorb any moisture and transforms heat rapidly from the skin. These features give Cutlon® such amazing feeling of comfort and great protection.

Product information


Cutlon® is especially made to protect from the blade cuts but it is excellent for any kind of clothing due to its pleasant feel. This article has level 3 blade cut resistance and with two layers it is level 5 , Level 3 abrasion resistance and level 4 tear resistance according to EN388 and is excellent for protective wear.

Patent pending: 20165951



Raw material





200g/m² / tolerance ±5%



Care labeling
TSL 23-901

Re-shape to dry

Dimensional change

Test by Orneule: Adapted SFS-EN, re-shape to dry, hang dry
max. length -5 % width -5 %

Color fastness
to washing/ SFS-EN ISO 5077

Min. 4 (scale 1-5, adapted)

Manufactured by Orneule

Orneule Ltd is the largest manufacturer of metric knit goods in Finland with almost 40 year of experience of textile industry. Located in Orivesi up to 500 000 kilos of fabric is made every year. Specialized in circular knitting, Orneule Oy manufactures all types of knitted good for customers needs.

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Cutlon® is made in Finland