The world's thinnest
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cut resistant fabric

For your safety

Cutlon wrist guards
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Extremely comfortable, but still very strong, flexible and thin wrist guards.

Designed especially to minimize the risk of a cut injury under normal ice hockey playing conditions.



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From ice hockey to constructions

Cutlon® cut resistance fabric is especially made to protect from the blade cuts, but it is excellent for any kind of clothing due to it’s pleasant feel.

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Cutlon® fabric passes the regular tests for the EN388 standard.

EN388 standard measures resistances for blade cuts, tear and abrasion.

Blue = result of Cutlon®

Blade cut resistance / One layer
Blade cut resistance / Two layers
Abrasion resistance
Tear resistance
All technical specifications

Cutlon® - For your safety

It was the fall of 2011 when I read from the newspaper a story about an ice hockey player who was injured in the match. The ice skate blade of another player had slit his arm severely and caused the ending of his career. As an amateur hockey player I have witnessed similar kinds of accidents at the practices and in the games.

For me nothing is more important than the health of my loved ones – and mine as well.
I started to wonder if there was something that could be done about the situation to prevent these accidents.

– Toni Nieminen
Cutlon® / Slashter Oy

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It's for your safety